Study Finds College Still More Worthwhile Than Spending 4 Years Chained To Radiator

Reading Women (2012 - 2013), Carrie Schneider

  1. Rena reading Zadie Smith, Megha reading Edith Wharton.
  2. Flávia reading Clarice Lispector, Bianca reading Sylvia Plath.
  3. Evan reading Anne Lamott, Aura reading Maarit Verronen.
  4. Sara reading Miranda July, Sheree reading Angela Carter.
  5. Hsiao-Jou reading Fang-Yi Sheu, Heather reading Chris Kraus.
  6. Cauleen reading Gwendolyn Brooks, Molly reading Roseanne Barr.
  7. Sarah reading Zora Neale Hurston, Vicky reading Gloria Fuertes.
  8. Alyssa reading Patti Smith, Yala reading Susan Sontag.
  9. Whitney reading Terry Tempest Williams, Naomi reading Adrian Piper.
  10. Kelly reading Gabrielle Hamilton, Amy reading Michelle Cliff.




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Portland - July 2014


Wouter Van de Voorde

Gyroscope Prints publishes a weekly postcard print of contemporary photography. Subscribe here: U.S. and Worldwide.


Photo: David Favrod

Mystery and Memory and the Voies-Off Photography Festival

The 2014 Voies-Off Festival supports emerging contemporary photographers from its location on the outskirts of Les Rencontres d’Arles, including David Favrod’s visual exploration of public histories and personal memories.


Wouter Van de Voorde

Born in Belgium and living in Canberra, Australia, Van de Voorde is a prolific medium-format film photographer working in the contemporary picturesque tradition of Stephen Shore, Joel Meyerowitz, and Joel Sternfeld. 

Coming to photography by way of en plein air landscape painting, Van de Voorde describes the transition as a “a shit-storm of soul-searching and surrealist detours”:

…photography has brought me back to the essence of my love for image making: portraying fragments of reality, attempting to construct images strong enough to carry the mood I wish to create. […] the vowels and consonants of the landscape’s alphabet dictate my phrases.

Portfolio / Tumblr (original work) / Tumblr (curated) / Flickr

Gyroscope Prints publishes a weekly postcard print of contemporary photography. Subscribe here: U.S. and Worldwide.


Lloyd House by Melissa Moore


Wolfgang Tillmans


Midway Still, 2014


Two Doors, Vancouver, 2013


Dan Wetmore


Watermelon - Naples, 1981
Charles H. Traub