Fresh gingered Anjou pear cobbler…RECIPE


Kuldar Leement


Angeles Crest

September 2014

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Dear Catherine, I’ve been sitting here thinking about all the things I wanted to apologize to you for. All the pain we caused each other. Everything I put on you. Everything I needed you to be or needed you to say. I’m sorry for that. I’ll always love you ‘cause we grew up together and you helped make me who I am. I just wanted you to know there will be a piece of you in me always, and I’m grateful for that. Whatever someone you become, and wherever you are in the world, I’m sending you love. You’re my friend to the end. Love, Theodore.


Some Other Place - Arcade Fire (Her OST)

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Say Anything - I Am A Transylvanian

The path into this heart is littered with corpses 
and strewn with body parts 
of those who came before, so just give up.


by Nich Hance


by Nich Hance


IN WINTER by wang yuanling on Flickr.