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Hilarious Photos Capture the Complex Emotions of the Wet Dog

Few animals are quite so human in their expression as dogs. If you doubt that at all, check out Sophie Gamand’s photos of canines being bathed. These hilarious and expressive pictures reveal many of the same emotions—anger, humiliation, joy—you see in human faces, underscoring the unique bond we share with our four-legged friends.

“To me, dogs are so much more than animals these days,” Gamand says. “They are somewhere between humans and animals because they’ve learned to how to communicate with us at a much different level.”

Dogs have been Gamand’s primary subject for years. She became fascinated with the way Americans, particularly New  Yorkers, treat their dogs. Gamand, who is French, had never before seen canines primped for fashion shows or toted about in bags and strollers. She was utterly fascinated by the obsession some people have for their dogs.

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Reminder: Fans Do Not Control The Live Performance


September 25, 2014
by Brandon Gepfer

"Fuck these pussies. Stage dives forever."

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These Mountaineering Photos Took an Astounding Amount of Coordination and Patience

From the gorgeous Matterhorn image above — captured for the company’s 2015 ad campaigns — to the many images you’ll see below, each is a work of extreme coordination, patience, and photographic skill.

The Pièce de résistance, in our opinion, is this year’s image of the iconic Matterhorn. Each red light you see was placed there by mountaineers who climbed to the designated locations, lit up their lights, and illuminated the route taken by Edward Whymper and his team — the first to ascended the peak 150 years ago.

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Wolfgang Tillmans- installation views


wolfgang tillmans


Garfunkel & Oates for Billboard Magazine’s Comedy Issue.  I photographed Garfunkel & Oates - the comedy duo of Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci - about a year or so ago and by no fault of anyone else’s, I just didn’t love the pictures.  So, when I had a second opportunity to work with them I was excited, and I love how this shoot came out!  

Not every shoot is great.  Not every shoot is worth showing to people.  I try every time to walk away with images that I would be proud to share with the world, the internet, the subjects, my clients, my peers, and my friends, but it doesn’t always work out that way.  When it does, I feel like I did my job.  It takes a mighty long time to build up a strong portfolio of solid images with no filler.  Just sayin.


Emily Shur


Jena Malone by Emily Shur


Jena Malone by Emily Shur